Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I have been working on...

Christmas presents. My family decided to do a homemade christmas this year, I have started gifts for a few people, but have many more to do... I am going to be making lapdesks for the kids, using a tutorial I found here. I just have to go get the filling and the wood, I have most of the fabric I will need. I still need to figure out what in the world to make for my dad and my brother-in-laws, Any ideas? I also need to get started on the pillow I will be making my youngest nephew, It is going to be a Cowboy Boot pillow, I think he will like it, I asked his mama, and she thinks so too. :D As soon as I get something finished I will post a picture.
I also need to get started on some holloween costumes for my kidlets, My oldest wants to be Dustin from Prince of Persia, and the girls have not made up their minds yet, we will see what I can talk them into :D. Well that is about it for now so I will be off, Happy Crafting :D


  1. That pillow desk looks fantastic! What a great idea. Seems pretty simple to make, too.
    Dustin from Prince of Perisa, huh? I wonder what that costume will look like! My kids want to be soldiers this Halloween (like their Daddy serving in Afghanistan). Sounds good to me! It will be easy to make their costumes, I think. Good luck with all the birthday gifts! I'm not sure what to suggest for your Dad and brother-in-laws. Do they any of them like classical music? I know some really great piano music that is free to download and make into a CD...

  2. How cleaver is that. I love those. We have homemade gifts every year and sometimes it's hard to find a great gift that is easily made and USEFUL!!