Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow.. Busy busy time for the last couple months...

I guess this will be a catch-up post.. I have been really busy with trips home, planned and unplanned, packing the house to move halfway across the country, and trying to stay sane thru it all... LOL

Ready for Candy :D

The Fairy Princess

I did make the kids holloween costumes, they turned out really good.

The Vampire Princess Bride

Captain Jack Sparrow
(for Character day at school)


dustan prince of Persia

I finished making what christmas presents I could. I made 10 lap desks, but forgot to take a picture of them..I will try to get one uploaded later to show you. LOL they are all in michigan right now and I am not...

I also made three cakes for friends... A princess, a cell phone, and a cake for a steelers fan.

I have made a couple of baby blankets for friends, but the pictures are not on this computer, so again I will load them later. I am sorry about the delay in posting. I will try to be better, I will probably be hit or miss for at least another month, while we get moved to Michigan and get settled in, but I hope to get started on a few projects soon. Happy Febuary.